BGamer: Black Ops

Version 0.5 Beta // Black Ops // offline // LAN


- Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (download)

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (download)

- Black Ops with all DLC's

How to:

1. Download and extract to gamefolder

2. Start bgT5launcher.exe

3. Set a nickname and the IP of the host

4. If you are the host -> start hostmode

5. Start either Singleplayer(Zombie), Multiplayer or a Dedicated Server

6. Ingame you can connect via friendslist



Version improvements:

Version 0.5 Beta:

- Public profile fix

- Friendslist (all connected players)

Please give a Feedback:

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Kommentare: 46
  • #1

    x7razor (Donnerstag, 14 Januar 2016 06:54)

    thanks for all the work and update

  • #2

    FooZoo (Mittwoch, 20 Januar 2016 11:36)

    cn you make blck ops 2 lan :)?

  • #3

    Demian (Samstag, 30 Januar 2016 19:52)

    Great job dude, u are the best.

  • #4

    Scorpion (Freitag, 05 Februar 2016 12:31)

    open port router???

  • #5

    Krauti (Freitag, 11 März 2016 01:21)

    Hi Die_rache, I got a problem with the 0.5b version of your launcher. When I launch multiplayer (with or without hostmode) or dedicated server I get the black screen but instead a second later it crashes on desktop with "Fatal error". I don't have any problem with the 0.1alpha.

  • #6

    Omar (Donnerstag, 17 März 2016 14:43)

    How to use it ?

  • #7

    DesertFalcon (Mittwoch, 23 März 2016)

    for some reason my dedicated server doesnt just loads forever saying "redundant asset:" I did click start hostmode and I entered my IP adress

  • #8

    Thomas (Montag, 28 März 2016 22:53)

    I've had my problems too.
    I only tested MP, it works fine when connecting through serverlist.
    First Thank you Die_Rache for going on with this old game
    Friends invite gives me fatal error. Maybe wrong client files?
    The problem "Krauti" had, I first had too but it is caused by using local host
    when using normal ip 192.168.... it works
    The problem DesertFalcon had I have always, with version 0,1 too, when starting the server with the launcher botton. I start my server with a bat file and it works.
    At the moment I stay at version 0,1 as it works better for me, but I stay tuned.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • #9

    MrReAcTiOn (Freitag, 08 April 2016 18:33)

    I have Problems by playing Zombies via LAN with 2 or more PC´s. It won´t work. Did i make it wrong or doesn´t work is anymore?

  • #10

    SoYPaZ (Samstag, 14 Mai 2016)

    Friendslist LAG !!!!!!! why ????????

  • #11

    Ahmad shah (Donnerstag, 16 Juni 2016 09:34)

    why our profile not ranking up

  • #12

    Die_Rache (Donnerstag, 15 Dezember 2016 18:05)

    Some time in the holidays i will fix the lag problem in the server list!
    At this moment the more people are connected, more lags appear.

  • #13

    Arminx023 (Sonntag, 08 Januar 2017 19:24)

    Hi when i starting mp its said cannot connect to the server.(i follow the how to)

  • #14

    Viperman (Sonntag, 08 Januar 2017 19:24)

    Just a quick question. On startup my game gets "stuck" on an infinite "Connecting" screen. Does anyone else also get that? If you do, is there anything you did to fix it somehow as it's driving me insane.

  • #15

    XxMaDyXx (Montag, 09 Januar 2017 15:57)

    it say that there are no servers now

  • #16

    mahbod (Freitag, 13 Januar 2017 10:23)

    Please upload elsewhere

  • #17

    harrycovert2 (Sonntag, 15 Januar 2017 00:05)

    Hello I downloaded all the files, followed all the steps but when I go to friendlist i havent got any Friends and if I go on server browser there's no server

  • #18

    mahbod (Sonntag, 22 Januar 2017 18:26)

    zombie:server is not available at this time
    pls help

  • #19

    ahmed (Mittwoch, 01 Februar 2017 18:15)

    thanks for the game single is working great but multi when I open it it says connecting then says that the server is not available plz help

  • #20

    ahmed (Dienstag, 07 Februar 2017 00:02)

    hey all great launcher I can play offline with bots but when I want to play online and click browse servers no servers show up

  • #21

    Bilal (Mittwoch, 08 Februar 2017 21:36)

    I connected using local lan. Anyone seeking guidance may contact me on bilal945 at gmail

  • #22

    kliper (Sonntag, 12 Februar 2017 02:30)

    any project for black ops 2

  • #23

    psx4you (Montag, 13 Februar 2017 01:02)

    ty so much for this great work but can u plz tell me how to add friends or how i can play with my friends on zombie and mp modes ..

  • #24

    Kenneth (Samstag, 04 März 2017 10:39)


    I would like to know if what time players go online in multiplayer? I dont see any host. >.<

  • #25

    Morfis (Freitag, 17 März 2017 20:54)

    i cannot enter zombie mode if i dont enable host mode

  • #26

    Die_Rache (Donnerstag, 23 März 2017 07:41)

    So first of all:
    This is an offline LAN mod! You cannot play online! It only works, if players are connect to your local server.
    The friendslist will show all players, that are connected to the server.

  • #27

    LEO33 (Sonntag, 02 April 2017 21:51)

    As someone before me said, ranks do not get saved after ranking up in multiplayer. Please fix this.

  • #28

    HARBIR (Freitag, 07 April 2017 01:37)

    pls make a perk level hack for this game and mod pls

  • #29

    TMS (Freitag, 14 April 2017)

    Hi Die_Rache, let me see if i understand, i can't play online lan with this patch? only with bots and the people connected to the server?

  • #30

    tarekhassoba (Samstag, 22 April 2017 23:01)

    is any one online now

  • #31

    Gamex (Freitag, 28 April 2017 21:56)

    Link is no more working.
    Fix it i can't download file.

  • #32

    LEO33 (Dienstag, 02 Mai 2017 23:40)

    Nuketown map doesn't work with 0.5 beta client. It crashes.
    Reverted to 0.1 alpha. It seems more stable too.

  • #33

    FateChanger (Dienstag, 16 Mai 2017 02:42)

    We try with tunngle edition to join zombies lan with my friend but he never can join multi or zombies we tried everything and if you use singleplayer this pops up but if you use the hostmode you still cant join a friend on a local/or tunnegler lobby

  • #34

    BTAORAY! (Samstag, 20 Mai 2017 16:43)

    can we play with friends using Tunngle virtual ip as host??? the zombie mode?

  • #35

    aksak (Donnerstag, 25 Mai 2017 00:23)

    is this still working ? the download link isn't working

  • #36

    Demian (Montag, 29 Mai 2017 13:29)!YYQTACiS!Jan7099x4P7BwMNzp9qOeWxbjbnvHcvF04m-hU1SIig

  • #37

    APCO (Donnerstag, 01 Juni 2017 03:20)

    Clicking on Friends lag too much in v0.5b
    It was much better before when connecting through console

  • #38

    murat (Donnerstag, 01 Juni 2017 18:57)

    Hello, i want to know if i change the local IP and my mates check it can i play with him if he is connected to a another wifi ? or i must invite my friend at my home and play on my wifi ?

  • #39

    Shaer (Donnerstag, 01 Juni 2017 19:37)

    The request file is not available anymore... what can i do?

  • #40

    mathicx (Freitag, 23 Juni 2017 17:10)

    Download Link is offline D:
    Can you fix it please?

  • #41

    Mikhail (Donnerstag, 13 Juli 2017 11:42)

    i think the files have problem with windows 10 creators update (because there was the same problem after upgrading to this update with the redacted for black ops 2, which they provided a fix for the steam_api.dll), hope you can fix this.

  • #42

    Armagon (Donnerstag, 13 Juli 2017 19:02)

    Hey man I can't run the dedicated server without an "error during intialisation server authentication failure". I'm guessing the dedicated sever isn't possible anymore? Thanks for updating this as often as you are btw :).

  • #43

    tuge (Freitag, 14 Juli 2017 10:05)

    how can i play lan

  • #44

    zaq (Montag, 17 Juli 2017 05:10)

    yo damien, thanks for the reupload my man. Appreciate ya!

  • #45

    pl (Montag, 17 Juli 2017 12:38)

    Download link broken, nothing to download anymore

  • #46

    Ryan (Dienstag, 18 Juli 2017 18:38)

    Thank you